G.O.A.T.: Ain’t No Sunshine-Bill Withers (1972)

Sometimes the measure of a song is how well it can be covered.  And the blues through line on Bill Withers’ first hit (bassline by the great Donald Duck Dunn) is iconic.  No matter who covers this song, the line stands out.  The song has a refrain, repeating the words, “I know” over and over and over.  As the legend goes, this was just Withers vamping in the studio, trying to work out the lyrics, but it worked so well he decided to keep it.

And the recent soundtrack to the movie “Take Me to the River” proves how timeless this song is. Bobby Blue Bland, sounding as full of soul as ever, team up with Yo Gotti for a live remix of the classic (video below). Bland revived the song in the 1980s for a modern audience, so it’s fitting he’s trying to do it again.


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