I’ve got a thing going on now where I”m mostly posting new music on Mondays with an “Album of the Week” that focuses on a recent release, and a few runners up, because I found myself overwhelmed by the number of submissions and referrals I receive and wanted to get some discipline around it. I can’t recommend everything, because if everything’s great then great becomes meaningless, right?

It’s January 6, so I don’t have any 2020 tunes yet.

But I really liked this one from 2019. And I still love supporting indie DIYers. With the way things are now, major labels no longer have a chokehold on the means of producing music. That’s cool. But the converse is that smaller guys drown in the sea of mediocrity out there. The job of the few remaining indie bloggers out there, like me, is to give them a platform so that they can reach my readers. I may not have many, but those who read my site have mostly been doing it for a decade.

So here we are. A very nice electronic record with fun beats. I enjoyed it a lot.

And in the category of “kinda similar” I really enjoyed the new Waq Waq Kingdom as well.

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