“Blood” is the soundtrack to Allison Moorer’s new book, which is a memoir of what Allison and her sister, Shelby Lynne, went through as children at the hands of two parents who ended up committing murder/suicide. Here’s a passage from the book, read by Moorer:

Obviously, this is not a happy album. There’s not an upbeat song on it. The closest you get is the Sisyphusian single at the top of this page. But it’s rich and deep–a tremendous record by a singer-songwriter with a great track record who waited until she mastered her craft to tell her most important story.

Also heard and really liked this week: PANG by CAROLINE POLACHEK. The lead singer of Chairlift gets a new album, from Sony Records. It’s her first solo album, and it shows a lot of promise. Best cuts: Caroline Shut Up, Hit Me Where It Hurts, and So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings.

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