“Sleepyhead” is not what I expected as a lead track from a band with the word “stampede” in its name. It’s a drowsy, meandering ditty that kind of recalls Dylan’s, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.” And the next tune, “The Night,” doesn’t move much faster. Hmm. But Liz Cooper’s voice is different from what you usually hear from woman-fronted rock bands–it’s got a raspy edge, but it’s still sexy and strong.

Oh, here we are. “Outer Space.” Some drums. The beat picks up. Yeah. We’re moving now. And yet, the background still meanders and twists.

I get it now. “Window Flowers” is a proper album. It’s got themes. It’s about something. See, I didn’t catch that at first because nobody’s making albums any more.

“Mountain Man” is the first solid example of greatness. It’s full of rich textures, melding bluegrass, pyschedelia and classic rock. Easily the most complex and interesting so far, and I’m on the full ride now. I’m not getting off early.

By the time I get to Dalai Lama I’m ready to see this band fully expand, and…Wow. This entire album is worth getting just for this one, seven-minute opus. It’s an instant classic. It’s the Allman Brothers, crunchy guitar at outdoor festivals, and dusty mushrooms with peanut butter. Truly amazing. You have to hear this song. You have to.

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