WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES…And sometimes EPs are, too! Featuring New Nick Lowe!

Let’s start with the video from Fantastic Negrito’s great collection of new rock-and-blues tunes…

“Love Knot” is a three song ambient EP by Blithe Field. Good stuff. Check it out. It’s free!

And speaking of ambient, Chromatics are back with another sultry slow burn.

oso oso have a solid A/B single. Nice listen.

Nick Lowe has a new EP that goes back to where he was in the early ’80s: Old style rock and roll. Two originals, and two covers of Cliff Richards and the unlikely Bee Gees.

MF DOOM has been quietly putting out quite a bit of music this year. Here’s a single with a member of Gorillaz that might have gotten by you.

New alt-j single featuring Pusha-T, a man who has to be in your top 5, because (a) he deserves to be and (b) he said he deserves to be.

OK, this Antigone Rising Queen cover isn’t new, but I just heard it and really liked it.

Buddy Guy’s latest is a great blues album, and Mick and Keef show up on a couple songs like Cognac, a love song to liquor. Guy’s amazing–he still has a powerful voice and can still play guitar as good as ever.

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