So the point of this post is to give you some songs to kick off your weekend. Go out. Party. Get laid. And in that spirit, I’m leading off with this party cut by Art Official.

In a similar vein, here’s the new video for Elise Trouw’s single, “Burn.” It’s a solid top 40 kinda thang.

Let’s transition with some pop that’s somewhat deeper…

And since we’re doing top 40, here’s a pretty easy going rap tune I thought was catchy…

Krrum’s also solid top 40, but it’s got more Peter Gabriel/David Bowie mixed in. I’m digging the advance singles.

And here’s a single by the lead singer of Super Furry Animals, who has a solo album coming out…

Outsiders is the new album by The Magic Numbers, and the lead single is Sweet Divide. A really good album, with a terrific lead single.

The Subsonics have a retro feel—1960s garage. A good album, though, that doesn’t sound derivative.

Harrison Lipton’s gentle new album is called “Loveliness” and here’s “Clouds.” Yeah, it’s a very light listen, as you might have guessed!

And let’s close with something nice and sweet: The new single by Irish folkie Ben Glover.

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