I got to the party late on Car Seat Headrest, failing to discover them until December of last year. Something about the band’s name turned me off and I just never checked them out, despite the urgings of both music blogs I respect and a few I don’t. But I did get there eventually, and it’s almost like the band was here waiting for me. Their February 2018 release is a re-recording–NOT a rerelease–of their first album. Bands have certainly redone their own work in the past, but I’m not aware of any that have covered their own entire album, just to say it differently once they’ve gotten popular and, presumably, have much better studio resources at their disposal.

You never forget your first love, and I imagine the same is true for songwriters–so it’s understandable why the band would take up valuable studio time on this effort. And I’m a virgin to this–I haven’t heard their first album, and have no desire to. This double-record is a triumph, and it says all I need to hear.

Unless, of course, I’m once again underestimating this band. Maybe in a year I’ll be back here to say I finally listened to their first record…

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