Spittin’ nothin’ but facts/Fans screaming I’m back/Legendary I’m that/Cookin’ up a new batch…I know he doesn’t make a huge splash, but I think Ace Hood spits better than 90% of the other new rappers out there. Happy to hear some new stuff from him.

So what else is new?

Just Blaze is behind the boards on Crae’s “Ten Toes” album. Off Season is an advance single, and this shit is hot. Seriously hot.

Low Cut Connie covered Prince, and the result was really good…

Here’s another cover. Bob Dylan.

Also really enjoyed Angelica Rockne’s latest–especially the song, “Married by Elvis.”

Larkin Poe’s new album, Peach, is a really great blues album. Really great. Covers of songs like Black Betty and Come On In My Kitchen. If you like blues guitar or classic rock, you seriously need to check it out. Here’s the single:

And while we’re on the subject of blues, how about this heartbreaking track from the amazing, understated album by Malcolm Holcombe?

What do you all think of this feature–should I keep it up?

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