SINGLES: Featuring “remember when” sounds!

Remember The Cure or Peter Murphy? Check out this cut from an EP advance before a proper album release next year.

Vista Kicks is about as retro as it gets—good, groovy 1960s garage psych!

Remember Gaslight Anthem? They were cool. And I bet these guys agree….Great single.

Okay. So call your band Bloody Beach. Then put out an album called “Boys.” That’s a long way to go to get me to write Bloody Beach Boys. Here’s the single, Troubled Minds.

Sounds like…The Mountain Goats. Because it is. The tribute album is available for preamble. Craig “Hold Steady” Finn makes a nice appearance…

Sounds like…The blessed fuzzy noise of 1990s postgrunge punk.

Doesn’t really sound like Britney, but it’s a cover…

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