Perhaps buy Courtney to fill the void left behind by Chris Cornell. Rayman is billed as an R and B badboy, but at least this latest EP sounds an awful lot like the kind of grinding Seattle rock that swept alternative radio in the 1990s. He’s big on Spotify, and perhaps it’s time he crossed over where old fucks like myself can enjoy him?

Songs like Gun feel like an urgent bundle of menace and threat.

Go My Way, with it’s refrain: “Feeling so strung out” are a musical hangover. “Word of Mouth” is the closest thing to what you’d expect from R and B. And yet it’s also altogether something different. Rayman is a very interesting artist, and one to watch.

Too bad he already has a major label deal with Universal, who will no doubt try to neuter him and make him sound like Taylor Swift’s next boyfriend.

The EP is the follow-up to Roadhouse 01, his debut album. I’m hoping he can maintain integrity and his unique voice. It’s great stuff.

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