Social Casino Industry: the Future or the Past?

What Is Social Casino?

The demand of playing social casino games is completely the same as the demand of playing real money games. The mobile industry is skyrocketing, becoming a prime market for everybody. A few years ago a huge crossover between social and real money gambling has started.

A social casino is playing your favorite slots and roulette tables on famous social media pages like Facebook. This type of gambling brings new opportunities, new audiences, and new workplaces. Social casinos develop gambling industry in general, bringing it to the new level of the mobile devices world. It also attracts not only professional gamers, who have played poker for years but also younger generations and newcomers. And the last but not the least are new opportunities for developers to discover and make progress in IT industry. For example, any social casino needs a stable platform to work on. Professional teams work on the newest versions of white label poker EvenBetGaming to provide the best solutions for the online gaming industry. For example, is a big team of people, who take care of every stage of developing, selling, and customizing the platform to make it meet the demands of future online casino visitors. Social casino market differs from the live casinos by its ability to be specific to the demands of a particular country and local citizens. In some way, it is more diverse and universal.

Social Casino Market

Understanding the Market

To get into the social casino market successfully, you must clearly understand what drives the gambling behaviour. In some way, you have to be a gambler yourself. You need to start with a simple casino strategy, slowly moving into slot content, product development, and marketing. Of course, to make everything done fast and smoothly a team of professionals needed, especially if you are new in the casino business world or transitioning from the live casino into the social platform for the first time.

The latest prognosis claims that the number of mobile casino platforms will continue growing for the next few years, beating the opponents.

The success of social casino market depends on many important factors but the crucial ones are the simplicity of the game design and a cater for certain audiences.

What’s Next?

Despite the fact that social casino industry is very young and fresh, it keeps evolving very fast. As we already mentioned, it is becoming less desktop and Facebook depending and more mainstream and casual. Realising online casino platforms on smartphones definitely get higher priority over the desktop due to the increasing popularity of the mobile devices.

The future of social casino is all about integration of more skill based features, exploring new technology platforms, and further territorial expansion.

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