Why aren’t more people writing about this album? Why aren’t people shouting it from the mountaintops? The fact that music like this can just come and go, so fast, is what’s wrong with the internet. Yeah, it’s done a ton for small, independent artists like Halo Circus–it’s given them a global platform they otherwise never would have been able to access. But I can’t help thinking that back in the pre-Napster days, some major label would have swept down, snatched these guys, and made sure they were heard.

Halo Circus’ EP is nothing short of extraordinary. Lead singer Allison Iraheta looks like a little skatepunker who you think would be making Paramore pop, but these songs aren’t just pop…They are powerfully crafted masterpieces tinged with a strong Americana flavor.

Nothing at all, the lead track, will break your heart.

And don’t miss the closer, a Neil Young cover–which you have to buy the EP off iTunes to hear. It’s worth it, though. Seriously.

If this isn’t on my best of list at the end of the year, then 2017 will quite a great year to hear.

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