Let’s kick off our weekend slow and building, with an instrumental from Mojib, shall we? While we get dressed and prepare for our night of fun…

This one is a little slicker than what I usually post on, since mine is one the last standing INDIE MUSIC blogs, but I like it enough to help spread his name…

Tift Merrit’s new album is on a major label. Since I just made a capital letter big deal about this being an indie blog, I had to say that. But I’ll probably give it a full review, and feature it here, because Goddamn it’s amazing. She sings the shit out of some fantastic songs that she also wrote. Incredible performer. And Yep Roc isn’t a HUGE major label, is it?

Toma’s new album “Aroma” smells sweet. Gentle, easy pop…Like the best kind of modern AM Radio…Here’s the single:

Ditto with Moddi’s recent release–only it seems to have a little more weight than Toma. If you like your pop mixed with a bit more depth, try this one:

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