WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES: Better than Average Edition!

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This week, a bunch of songs that stand out in the genres!
“Paralyzed” by Chelsea Lankes is better than your average popsong…

…And “Ask Somebody” by Consequence (with Ty Dolla Sign and Tony Yayo) is better than the average pop rap song that takes an idiom (in this case, “You better ask somebody!”) and turns it into a hook.

And of course, these days artists who try to sound like Sia or Amy Winehouse are a dime a dozen. But Charlotte Cardin is better than most, so I’d pay a dollar not a dime.

Grieving’s new EP is pretty good, too—hard rocking tunes.

And here’s a better than average cover. And props to Luem for keeping the spirit of Pat Benetar alive!

“Low Key” by Jojee is better than average r&b/soul…

JPNSGRLS is better-than-average postpunkpop…

And last-but-not-least, Kiiara is one to watch: Solid mix of R&B/Hip Hop on her new EP, Low Kil Savage.

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