JON PATRICK WALKER-People Going Somewhere

jon patrick walker hope davisJon Patrick Walker, where have you been all my life?  Great lyrics, catchy hooks, a solid blend of rock and roll, Americana, and that indie sound…This album is literally everything I look for in (non-hip hop) music.

Then I looked him up, and found that he’s an actor. I’m really glad I listened to this before I knew that, because the likes of Russell Crowe/Kevin Bacon/Corey Feldman have really poisoned the well for actors-turned-musicians. And you can feel a little bit of the vanity here. He’s got breathy vocals and he sounds really important–but get past that and admire the musicianship and the songwriting, and get lost in it.

I love this album! Even though I’m jealous he gets to go home to Hope Davis…

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