HARRIET-American Appetite

harriet american appetite

I first heard Harriet when their publicist sent me the single, “I Slept With All Your Mothers,” and I was completely overtaken by the tune. The song was off an EP, and now, four years later, part-time tennis pro Alex Casnoff and his band have finally given us a proper album.  Does it match the promise made in 2012 with the Tell the Right Story EP?

Yes.  But in a much different way.

Where their early work was hard blues, this new album is more thoughtful, gentler, and feels much more modern.  Where their earlier songs could have been at home in the 1990s, the songs on American Appetite feel like post-Beatles, post-Roxy Music indie rock–well crafted, full of refined vocals, and the music is much more calculated, much cleaner, and more refined.

I love this album–I can’t stop listening to it.

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