WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES…Can A Single Still Sell a New Band?

Back back back when records were new and rock and roll was king, bands would release a 45–an A Side and a B Side–and would travel the country pushing it out to DJs. If a song could still sell a band, Little White Things would be set. Their debut single is fucking awesome. But I need more. Where’s the B Side?

Louis Vivet’s new single is pretty good, too. I’m not a huge fan of people who have to use vocal effects to sound right, but it does work here with the overall electronic feel.

So those last two were smooth and fairly mellow. Good music to sit on the couch hand make out after your Friday night clubbing. This one…Isn’t.

And finally, the best thing about the Witch Hunter movie.

And speaking of the days when a single sold an album…Remember Terrence Trent D’Arby? I think he’s moved to France and is playing under some weird name now because he didn’t like the huge fame he got from this single, covered here by Radio Nowhere. Seems nothing breeds failure like success. Hope these guys do a little better with it all.

I’m hearing shades of Born to Run era Springsteen in the new release by DM3. What about you?

And finally, to answer the question at the title of this post, I sure hope so. Because this is a beautiful little song…

So tell me, readers, are you enjoying this feature? I’ve been posting these singles for a buncha months now–is it worth still doing?

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