SARA LOV-Some Kind of Champion

I discovered Sara from her collection of cover songs titled, “I Already Love You,” and fell in love with her voice. This year, she’ll be releasing “Some Kind of Champion,” and if it doesn’t make you fall in love with her lyrics then you just don’t get good songs. No, great songs. This may be the best album of the year. The words to the title track are for anyone whose ever been beaten up by life, but refused to be beaten down. It’s not a fist-pumping defiant anthem, as these kinds of songs usually go (think Chumbawumba)—it’s true. It’s emotionally true, and it’s powerful.

Like I said, this may be the best album of the year. Check out three songs below, get it when it comes out in October, and then, for a real treat, listen to her cover of the The Thompson Twins off of her covers EP.

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