WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES: Featuring lots of cool covers of tunes that were hits before you were born

[box type=”shadow”]A regular feature: Single songs and covers I’ve heard lately, usually submitted to me, that you need to get your ears on.  Pronto![/box]
I’m a sucker for a good Wichita Lineman cover.

I’m fairly sure I’ll be reviewing the entire album when I get it, but “Born Slippy,” the single from Albert Hammond Jr.’s latest album is tremendous. It has nothing to do with Underworld’s instrumental song of the same name—very odd that he’d pick the same title…

If you’ve never heard the original version of Joe Cocker’s cover of Never Tear Us Apart (INXS), you should google it. And then listen to this reworking. Cool stuff.

And speaking of INXS singles—this isn’t one! It’s an original song, and it’s fine as hell….

Check out this single. It makes the most out of the promise of Tokyo Police Club’s first album, and adds disco swing.

If you think “I Feel Free” is the stupidest Cream song ever, you may be right. But Delta Spirit elevates the shit out of it. And that seems a good way to close out this Friday’s edition…

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