matthew sweet live acousticHere’s another plug for Matthew Sweet’s new free “Acoustic and Live Sampler.” It’s awesome. Get it here.

Run, Forever’s new album is called “Settling.” Kinda punkish indie rock and roll. Here’s an mpFREE: Basement

And a second plug for the third STS “Gold Rush” mixtape.  Sugar Tongue Slim is easily one of the most deft rappers in the game today, and this is my favorite rap album so far this year.  Get it free here.

And while we’re on the subject of great new hip hop, E-Dubble!!!!

Internet sensation and classy ukelele player Julia Nunes is on tour with Great Big World, and they’re offering a Justin Timberlake song as a free cover to tempt you. I would totally go to this show but it’s on a damn Monday night when they blow through my area, and my job is more important than music. Sighs heavily.

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