The ten non-RIAA albums I heard in 2012 that I enjoyed the most.  I’m sure you’ve got your favorites, and I’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments….

After the break, my list!

10. Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons-Old Believers
They’ve cut off the streams for this one, so I’m offering you a taste of what the band sounds like via a cover song…

9. Gentelman Jesse-Leaving Atlanta
Most fun I’ve had listening to retro rock and roll this year.

8. Rah Rah-Poet’s Dead/Remixes

A strong collection of indie rock/Americana…Get the remix album free here.
7. Joey Bada$$-1999/Rejex
mixtape rap
I wasn’t in love with rap music this year…But Joey impressed me with his “1999” mixtape, and the rejects from it were great, too.
Get 1999 free here.
6. Jesse Thomas-War Dancer
The vocals drive this amazingly well-written singer-songwriter’s latest collection of wonderful songs.

5. Band of Skulls-Sweet Sour
Yet another grand slam from this terrific band.

4. Chromatics-Kill For Love
Don’t just get this album for the Neil Young cover. Get it and love the cover, but don’t get it just for the cover.

3. Kendra Morris-Banshee

It’s so rare, since American Idol ruined R&B, to hear a nice, soulful record by a woman who doesn’t over-sing. Kendra Morris’ record kicks ass. Beautiful hipsway, perfect for a quiet evening with the one you love. Or at least want to bang.
2. Dinosaur Jr.-I Bet On Sky
The band returns with what in my opinion is the best album of their long and influential existence.

1.  ‘Allo Darlin-Europe
This band seems to be able to do nothing wrong by me. I love the vocals, the lyrics, the music…If you buy just one album off my list, this is the one.

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