NEWS OF THE WEEK! It’s Trailer Park Week!

Let’s kick it off thusly…

Lots more trailers below, as well as news of The Fantastic Four movie, the Deadpool game, and more!

FANTASTIC FOUR MOVIE. Joshua “Chronicle” Trank is steering the ship, under Mark Millar’s supervision, of the reboot of F4. He’s promised to work it from a “Lee/Kirby” perspective. I’m not sure what exactly that means, but Millar says it won’t be “grim and gritty.”
THANK HEAVEN FOR SMALL FAVORS. The Robocop release date has been set back and production has been rejiggered. Because so far, it sucks. Frankly, a remake of this movie is just about the worst idea ever. But a sequel, based on the ultraviolent Frank Miller comics? That would be awesome.
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2. Will feature the death of Gwen Stacy. I hated the first one so much, though, that I may not even continue to report on the sequel.
DEADPOOL VIDEO GAME. Will feature Domino. I gotta say, this game looks awesome. Also, it will be rated M for Mature.  And if you like Deadpool:  Stick with this, it gets hilarious…

DC’S NEW 52. I think, a year in, it pretty much sucks. What say you, my readers? Reading any of the titles? I’m down to: Batman (which I like but don’t love); Batman, Inc. (which I still really like, but it isn’t as great as it once was); and Wonder Woman (still truly amazing). That’s it. Nothing else.
INSURRECTION v3.6. The BOOM! Studios series by Blake Masters, Michael Alan Nelson and Michael Penick is being developed for a feature film by Paramount.
SAY GOODBYE TO SOME GREAT COMICS. Brubaker’s Captain America run, Hickman’s F4 run, and Fraction’s terrific take on Iron Man all end this month. I think it’s time, though—their work on all three has become less interesting in the past year or so. But I’m thinking after I’m done with my examination of every single issue of The Avengers in my other blog LINK , maybe I’ll take on Cap? Specifically, the Brubaker run. What do you all think?

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