It may be the lot of female songstresses these days to be compared to Adele. And there’s definitely room for a little (just a tad) of that kind of talk when it comes to Ivy Mairi. But there’s also a uniqueness here, a singular voice and vision, that shines brightly through this humble collection of mostly slow-paced, deep and serious songs. In fact, better comparisons might be to the likes of Suzanne Vega or Tracy Chapman.

Ms. Mairi hails from the Toronto area, and met Michael “Cowboy Junkies” Timmins as a young lady. So, it’s easy to imagine her growing up hearing Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Edie Brickell–all those great folkies who influenced the “birth” of pop/folk in the late 1980s and early ’90s.

Here’s a video, but don’t miss this new album. It’s terrific.

Buy or stream here.

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