Alan Moore hates us, but we all still love him.Alan Moore vs. Bart Simpson

Comicdom’s most celebrated curmudgeon is still smarting from the fact that DC wants to make money off of the Watchmen characters that he created for the company–even while he’s made money off of characters created by lots of other folks in many of his own works, like Lost Girls and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and even though it was his work with characters he didn’t create that made him a wealthy, successful legend (notably, Swamp Thing).

In his rage and spite, Alan Moore will be launching another creator-owned book targeting DC’s Justice League.  “Legal Squad” may arrive in stores as early as July, and will star Awesomeman, Ratman, Super Cool Power Woman, Speedman, Water Guy, Emerald Beacon and Token Bionic Character, and Moore promises that it will feature “style over substance style [like] the current Justice League” book (i.e, the new 52 JL).  Villains, of course, will include Smart Bald Industrialist, Angryclown, Starrfishhh and Derksierd.

Presumably the bad guys, called “The Unlegal Squad,” will be the heroes of the book?

Oh, and there will be girls, too, who will be completely sexualized and lack personal depth because, Moore says, “that’s what sells books.”  See, that’s where he reveals his true colors (once again): He doesn’t really hate DC, he hates you, the people who read DC books.

I’m assuming this will be self-published, but it would be great if it were published by Vertigo.

I’m hot and cold with Moore.  Some of his stuff I really love (Swamp Thing, Neonomicon, Watchmen), but some of his stuff is just too obscure for me and seems overrated.

I hope this one’s good, though, because it could be hilarious.

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