THE WINDUPDEADS-Army of Invisible Men

One of the great things about being on the mailing list for indie promoters The Planetary Group is that you get all kinds of variety in the solicits.  Like take this pair.  First,there’s Sweden’s The Windupdeads‘ sophomore release, Army Of Invisible Men, who may sound a little familiar to you (their power-pop rock appeared on “Gossip Girl” and the highly underrated Disney Family show “Kyle X/Y”).

It’s pretty straightahead indie pop/rock, which is what you generally get from Sweden: well produced, crisp, with tight hooks.  Nice and fun.

Don’t Let Go-The Windupdeads

EVALINE-Patterned (EP)

Then there’s Evaline.  Here we find music that hews closer to Interpol’s brand of shoegaze–atmospheric guitars, a powerful backbeat, dramatic and expressive, soaring vocals that actually reminded me quite a bit of that scary baldheaded Australian from Midnight Oil who looked like he belonged on The Hills Have Eyes.  Evaline’s EP, Patterned,is definitely worth a listen or two.  It’s intense, focused, and dramatic–and even a little edgy, which makes it a step above typical “boring” shoegaze and gives it a sense of urgency and grit.  Good stuff.

Beneath the Fire


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