MORUF-Garden State of Mind: Ready To Live

New Jersey’s Moruf returns with the sequel to “Garden State of Mind: The Prelude” with “Garden State of Mind: Ready To Live,” which plays on a lot of the same themes.  It’s at bottom a positive jam about “unpositive” things–finding God in the streets, living around crime but not in it, and being a person with faith and love when surrounded by negativity.  But it’s not heavy–the production feels like 9th Wonder at times (soaring horns), J Dilla at others. This is a great example of how hip hop can be elevated and elevating–it’s an art form capable of many forms of expression, not just a tool to sell Courvoisier and Addidas.  If you like Tribe Called Quest or Common, dig in.

Try a couple cuts . . .

Love Jones


Because they’ll make you wanna get the mixtape here.

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