It’s hard to find out much about newcoming Zak Smith.  He introduced himself to me with a two line EP and a link to his music, which is available free on his website.  The bio on the site is a bunch of quotes from other people about things other than Zak.  I guess he doesn’t offer up much info about himself because he’s content to have his music speak for him.

Good choice.

He’s got a voice that’s rough and deep, belying his boyish appearance.  It’s DYI haunting indie rock with Americana accents.  It’s got great lyrics and great music, the supporting band is tight . . . Songs like “The ones that got away will bury me” and “The house that you haunt” speak of love and loss, and how broken hearts hang on.  If you don’t relate to this music, you’ve either never lost a lover or you’re twelve.

Very, very good stuff.

Suffer like a Ghost

The House You Used to Haunt

Get the whole EP free here.

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