Dead Heart Bloom are understated. That’s their biggest problem. Their songs, almost all of them, start with a slow quiet roll, burst into chorus, and then roll back. It’s the format pioneered by the Pixies, but without the punk energy. Instead, the choruses are poppy, almost sunny. Almost. There’s an undercurrent of sadness that permeates all of the band’s latest full length, Strange Waves.

Why is this a problem? Because it’s misleading. There’s elements of The Beatles, Roxy Music, and other classic rockers here, and there’s a lot of depth and detail to their work. But it’s also tempting to write them off as depressing, artsy, derrivative indie rockers at first listen. You have to stick with them. Trust me. There’s a big payoff. Strange Waves is quite good.

Strange Waves is coming at you on August 31.  You can actually download it for free on their public relations’ team site, which is odd and unusual.

Meet Me (from Strange Waves)

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