CHINESE STARS-Heaven on Speed Dial

I loved Death From Above 1979, but other than that now-defunct band, electro has rarely grabbed me.  Chinese Stars make hyperkinetic thrashcore with raw, nasty song titles like “No Car, No Blowjob” and “Lick it Clean,” but this music can’t possibly sexy unless you’ve done so much coke your ears are bleeding.  Or can it?  This is just crazy shit–rape music.  Music for guys who like stuff girls in the back of vans. The song “Body” is all about a person getting hacked up and distributed in “pieces . . . all around the city.”  It’s revolting.  And yet I listened all the way through, twice.  It’s like a car wreck that I couldn’t help but stare at.

If you’re curious you can buy it for $2.81 on Amie Street.

No Car, No Blowjob

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