Here, you can find the top 50 wigs of all time.  I wonder how they determine that something is a top wig of all time?  Do they go to places where people wear wigs and survey them?  Or is just really the top 50 wigs that are sold at wig salon dot com?  Truly, I have no clue.  But here is something that I DO know: The wig salon dot commers are willing to pay me–little old me–just to mention and link to their site!  I am not saying it is a lot of money, but, hey, it is not a lot of work to write this.  In fact, since I am writing about writing it, it is kind of writing itself!  Am I a shill for wigs?  I do not think so.  I still have to write sixty-five more words about wigs.  Wow.  This is getting more challenging. 

Wigsalon. http://www.wigsalon.com


I think I’ll close with a poem about wigs.

I think that I shall never see

A wig as lovely as a tree

Because although wigs are hairy

Not as lovely as a tree they be.

I know, it’s a reach.  But I’m really running low on material now.  Sheesh.  This is hard.  I need a drink.

Ah!  I am done!  Good bye!

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