So I’m trying something different right now. I’m going to link to 10 blogposts that I think are particularly good.

I’m going to ask you, my readers, to thumb-up or digg or whatever both this post and some of the ones I linked to, if you like them.

Then, I’m going to ask the owners of those blogs that I link to to make their own posts, linking to me and to some posts that they like. Then ask their readers/bloggers to do the same. None of those bloggers know I am doing this. I’m hoping this will help build out little community (as well as drive traffic to some of our favorite little sites).

Finally, if you want to be on my blogroll, drop me a comment or an e-mail.  I’m happy to trade links.  Ups the Google scores and all, y’know.

Please help make this work!

1. Ryan’s got a post on Middle Distance Runner. I wonder why they didn’t contact me about their new work . . . I’ve been hyping them for years! But I won’t take it personal.

2. Cara posted on U2 and Jay-Z sharing the stage.

3.  I’m not sure I get this, but I think it’s funny.  I think . . .

Courtesy of this site.

4.  To Die By Your Side has Bon Iver covering Feist.

5.  AWMusic reviews the new Weezer.  Never been a big fan, but I appreciate them.

6.  Blowin’ Your Cover doesn’t post nearly often enough, but they recently posted five covers of Big Star’s “13”.

7.  Fong can always be counted on for coolness and oddness.  Recent posts have included Red Hot Chili Peppers covering Coldplay, Ben Kweller covering Neil Young, and Neil Diamond covering Adam Sandler (!)

8.  Moka’s always got a cool mix.

9.  Like “Best Of” the year/decade lists?  Go to LHB.  He’s got ’em all!

10.  Pigeons and Planes have some new cuts from Birdman.  Not a fan, but I know a lot of you are.

11.  And just so this one goes up to eleven, here’s some tunage!  All live, direct links.

I Used to be a Cop-Patterson Hood

Psycho Killer-Mars Retrieval Unit

Christmas Song-Mogwai

Don’t You Forget About Me-Perpetual Groove

And speaking of The Breakfast Club, how do you like them now?

No, not the old them, the new them:

If you’re not watching Community, I’m mad at you.  Because I so don’t want this show to be cancelled.  It’s by the folks who did Arrested Development, and they took that show away too early, too.

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