1.  It looks like Hollywood is considering doing “X-Men 4.”  Doesn’t this project seem like a no-brainer?  I’ve also read they’re considering a “New Mutants” flick.  That’s all well and good, but it’s X4 I’m most interested in.  How are they not filming at least two X-movies simultaneously right now?  There should be one ever year!

2.  I’m in favor of a comic movie about just about any character.  But Archie?  Really?  That idea is almost as dumb as, like, having a Spider-Man musical or something.

3.  They’re doing a Ghost Rider 2, also.  The first one sucked, but maybe they’ll get it right this time.  What’s that?  Nic Cage will return?  Oh, well.

4.  Superman/Batman Public Enemies comes out on DVD this week.  It can’t possibly be worse than Batman/Pirate of the Carribean Public Enemies, which came out earlier this year . . .

5.  Todd McFarlane is working on a sequel to his underwhelming Spawn movie.  There’s a movie that should have been waaaaaaaay better.  Kinda like Ghost Rider.  Or Daredevil.

6.  Despite the Disney deal, Sony has renewed its right to make a fourth Spider Movie.  Seems like a no-brainer.  The big shock is it might not be out until 2011.  Talk about leaving money on the table.

7.  A few others you might not know about, also in the works with tentative release dates: Doctor Strange (2012) (neither the comic nor any of the movies have ever been very good, but a recent animated DVD was worth a watch); Wonder Woman (2011) (I was interested when Joss Whedon was attached; now, not so much); Nick Fury (2010) (war movies usually suck, and a war/superhero movie just sounds stupid—why they would do this instead of relaunching Daredevil is beyond me); Thor (2010) (with Kenneth Branagh as director, this is the one I’m most excited about).

8.  Oh, and then there’s Red Sonja starring Rose McGowan.  I’m sure it will be good for one thing.  Or two things.

9.  Anyone heard anything about Deadpool?

10.  Finally, this isn’t movie, it’s video game: Ultimate Alliance 2 is a very good game . . . Until it isn’t.  The boss-battle at the end is super-lame and way too easy, and the final battle just kinda comes out of nowhere.  The game is short—too short.  The first one took 30 hours to clear; this one has a lot less story and a lot fewer interesting things to find behind corners, etc.  And the villain choices are odd (who the hell is Scorcher??)  But play-wise, it’s awesome.  The new Songbird, Gambit, Phoenix , and Cyclops are my favorites, and I appreciated the retooling of Luke Cage and Iron Man.   It’s so lame that I wish they’d release a third one.  Soon.

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