ROB BLACKLEDGE-“Inside These Walls”

Last weekend I had some heavy-duty bookshelf-rearranging to do.  Had to sort and file all my comic books into new holders.  Figured it would take about an hour so I put in Rob Blackledge’s new album, “Inside These Walls.”  I figured I could get through several submissions, since so many are so boring that I cut ‘em off or hit skip.  Well, all I got through with was this one CD.  And I was never tempted to cut it off.  And that’s pretty high praise from a guy who has to listen to at least six albums a week or else I’ll be buried alive in in-box submissions.

The album is soul-pop, wholesome and pure, uncomplicated and unchallenging, but a fine example of this genre, in which I would include Ben Folds, Billy Joel, James Taylor, and maybe even Belle and Sebastian.  Yeah, it’s sweet and commercial, but since when does music have to be edgy or obtuse?  Every rough edge needs a smooth side to compare it to.  That’s the job of folks like Blackledge.  And he does it well.  Music like this is perfect accompaniment for getting stuff done.

And the bookshelf came out great, by the way, thanks for asking.

Should Have Known Better


Two covers that are polar opposites.

All You Need is Love-Beep Seals

I’m Down-The Beastie Boys

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