THE BEATINGS-“Late Season Kids”

Coming on Sept. 15, 2009, is the 6th record by Boston’s The Beatings, “Late Season Kids.” I have to admit, I’ve never heard the band before this, but they’re surprisingly good. The vocals are like a young, versatile Warren Zevon, and the music is like late ’90s REM. Is this a fresh or innovative musical experience? No. Does that matter? Again, no.  The songs are all well written and very well performed, and the album never gets weak.  All meat!  No filler!

Good stuff, perfect for a kegger.

Bury You


A formal one-sheet that says “File under: Psych-Folk/Americana/Avant Garde” came accompanied by a handwritten, in crayon, sheet of graph paper with a picture of a crayon hoping I “will enjoy our bootgazing sci-fi folk.” I do.


BLACK MOLD-“Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz”

I’m a big fan of songwriter Chad VanGaalen, the man behind the electronica “band” called Black Mold. Be warned: It’s very, very weird.  But you’d expect nothing less from him, eh?

Metal Spider Webs

Tetra Pack Heads

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