Coverfreak posted covers of classic summer songs, like that old chestnut “Crazy in Love” by The Magic Numbers.  Check those out, then go to Cover Me for a cover of The Thong Song.  I haven’t listened to the cover yet, but I wager there’s no way in hell it’s actually worse than the original.

And it wouldn’t be a summer without a rap battle.  Smoking Session did a cool recap of the Hova/Game fight, with mp3s.  Worth a read and a listen.  And, as the SS blog also points out, it’s now officially summer because DJ Benzi released his mixtape, featuring Ga Ga, Kanye, and, of course, some Michael Jackson (get it here).

Now, off the top of my head and without a lot of research, here’s my top 5 summer songs . . . Guilty pleasures edition!  Songs that are so lame, they can only be listened to loud on a car radio.

5.  Steal My Sunshine (Len). Childlike and kooky, fun and sweet.

4.  Cruel Summer (Banarama). When I was little, it took me a little while to figure out what banarama could possibly mean . . . Just to show you how lame I am, I actually prefer the BLESTeNATION remix–complete with lame rap break–from the classic movie soundtrack to Point Break.

3.  Hot in Herre (Nelly). Ah, Nelly, the subtle poet.

Cover by Jenny Owen Youngs (YSI)

2.  Grease/Summer Lovin’/You’re the One That I Want/Summer Nights (John and Olivia!). Because grease is the word.  Still.  Timeless.  And Holy Christ, if this isn’t the most guilty pleasure, what could it be?  The “wholesome” movie that millions of families–and family-firsters–dig, which teaches that in order to get the man you want, you really have to be a ho-bag.

You’re the One that I Want-The Beautiful South (YSI)

Hopelessly Devoted to You-Clem Snide (YSI)

1.  Boys of Summer (Don Henley)/Summer of ’69 (Bryan Adams). These are pretty much the same song, sung in pretty much the same voice, and they competed for the same Grammy.  And they occupy the same space in my head.

Summer of 69-Ryan Adams (YSI)

Boys of Summer-Bree Sharp (One of my all time favorite covers) (YSI)

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