The album is marked by Middleton’s characteristicly Scottish voice, wonderful lyrics, and skillful interplay between his vocals and guitar/keyboards.  But it feels somewhat sad–filled with longing and sorrow.  Like a last album.  Even on the quick, catchy, and charming single, “Red Travellin’ Socks,” there is a sense of finality.  It’s as if he’s created an album that consists entirely of tracks from the last song on side B.  A very interesting result, for sure, and a moving experience, this record

An Arab Strap

An Arab Strap

gets my highest recommendation.

Red Travellin’ Socks (YSI)

Zero (YSI)


My Delirium (Ladyhawke cover)

Call the Shots (Girls Aloud cover)

Issues (The Saturdays cover)

We’re All Going to Die (acoustic demo)-Arab Strap

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