1.  First off, I go to check out You Ain’t No Picasso, a blog I read from time to time, but I use a dot blogspot URL instead of http://www.youaintnopicasso.com/, and what I find is a blog offering full album downloads of crap like Beyonce.  So sad.  First these album stealers and abettors give us legit bloggers a bad name with their steal-it-it’s-free bullshit websites, but now they’re jacking the names of
good bloggers???  At least the guy parked in my old blogspot address isn’t using it

2.  The Secret Life of Sofie is offering a pretty neat EP for free on their website (but you have to give up your e-mail addy).

3.  Aquarium Drunkard has that TV on the Radio guy, Tunde, covering some weirdo named Neil Young.  I bet a buncha people will be interested.

4.  Cable and Tweed is a great site–lots of good comic book stuff–and he’s got a bunch of original sketches from artists who showed up for Free Comic Book Day this month.  Check it out.

5.  Boris Skalsky also has a free EP–here is the direct download of the zip file.  You may know him from Phaser and Dead Heart Bloom.

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