The band Hospital Ships took their name from a Flaming Lips song and, although the band is not as odd or experimental as the Lips, there’s a definite resemblance. From Jordan Geiger’s strangely Muppet-like voice to the obtuse lyrics and quirky music, “Oh, Ramona,” is a fun/disturbing adventure. It alternates between “Baby For J,” which seems like an indie-pop song, and “I Want It To Get Out,” a big-sounding, gigantically odd ditty. At first listen, I thought this wasn’t much of a record. But with repeated listens, I became increasingly grateful I gave the record a chance. The music doesn’t come easy, but trust me, it comes. And it’s well worth the effort to get it.

Buy direct from Graveface Records, here.

Bitter Radio Single


Nearly Lost You (Acoustic version)-Screaming Trees

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