SPIDER PROBLEM-“Natural Selections” (EP)

Los Angeles shouldn’t complain about its Spider Problem. That is, so long as we’re talking about the hard-rocking quartet whose EP “Natural Selections” has all the energy and chaos of a live show, and all the power and hook of old Yeah Yeah Yeahs or L7.

Singer Shayne has a tough, ready-to-rumble voice that’s perfect for modern punk, mixing sex and anger so completely that you can’t tell where her love ends and her rage begins. If there is an award for pure energy, surely it will go to Spider Problem. When Shayne sings, “I wanna eat you for supper,” over grinding grunge, I believe her.

Download the EP from iTunes or cop it off their myspace page.

Big Thunder


Bonus Covers: The Kooks edition!

Naive (Kooks cover)-Lily Allen

All That She Wants (Ace of Base cover)-The Kooks

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