arison is to Freddie Mercury (particularly on “Heavy Heart”). The less obvious comparisons are DFA 1979 meets the Darkness. Or perhaps the Scissor Sisters on crank.

Sometimes Robotique Majestique goes a little too far into the “big important silly bombast” category, and shows how thin a wire Ghostland Observatory balances upon. It’s so easy to slip off into a song that’s just weird and dumb for no good reason. Compare the title track to a song like “No Place For Me,” for example, which has the same kind of build-up and electronic intensity, but it just works better. Maybe it’s the consistent bounce, or maybe it’s that certain indescribable something that’s the difference between success and not-so-much-success. “The Band Marches On” is a marching song, that clearly owes a debt to Nine Inch Nails, but has this upbeat kinda thang going on that’s just . . . Cool. And Freeheart lover reeks with attitude. Love it. Despite the occasional slip, this album should satisfy fans of the genre, fans of the band, and may even attract a few new followers.

Heavy Heart

No Place For Me

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