ALII VEGAS-America’s Prince
Ali Vegas has taken the rare step of releasing a mixtape with original production by incredible DJs and producers like Premier and Scott Storch, all in advance of his May album, Generation Gap 2: The Prequel. If you don’t know, Ali is a Queens rapper, just 25 but he’s been rapping since the late 1990s, calling himself the “Prince of New York.” He’s recognized by many as a comer–do yourself a favor and check it out.

America’s Prince Mixtape – Tracklisting

1. Intro
2. Bloodline
3. That’s Where I’m From (feat. Beezo)
4. King Of NY
5. Pushing Green (feat. Troubleman)
6. Alpha Beta Rapper (feat. Whip Montez, Siah-Mez & Secret)
7. Jump
8. Always Forgive
9. The Little Light
10. Street Life (feat. Troubleman)
11. Walking With Your Head Down (feat. S.O.L.I.D.)
12. Mirror
13. War
14. Please
15. You Don’t Want It With Me (feat. Siah-Mez, Laura, & Storm P.)
16. Hustle Hard

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