GIMMEE IMMY! (a Guest Post by Mick the D!)

Mick the D is the kind soul who shared the Shim Sham 2003 show with all of us. Now, he wants to write to y’all….And I love it when readers are passionate about an artist, so I welcomed his guest post. Here it is:

Gimmee Immy

Long before the Counting Crows and the Shim Sham shows, back in the 80s, guitar maestro and all round nice guy David Immergluck was wielding his mighty axe in three of the greatest bands ever to walk the planet . He was part of the mighty Monks Of Doom, the darker and even more majestic sister band to the legendary Camper Van Beethoven, and at the same time he joined the forgotten genius that were The Ophelias, a strange and beautiful SF combo lead by the enigmatic Leslie Medford who recorded two superb and unique albums with them before they split at the end of the decade.

Through the Monks he also came to be in the last touring line up of CVB before they drifted apart in 90. With CVB gone The Monks Of Doom became the main band and went of to record Four classic albums of blistering Americana. At this time David played on ex camper Jonathan Segel’s epic first solo album storytelling and the Monks acted as Jonathans backing band on the tour that followed. After turning down the offer to replace Jason Falkner in Jellyfish (Jellyfish had been big Ophelias fans) he took up his friend Adam Duritz’s offer to join the Counting Crows and the Monks were disbanded, reforming for a stunning one off concert at the Bottom of the Hill SF in 98 and then returning as a band hot on the heels of the Camper Van Beethoven revival in 2002.

David now officially the sixth Camper played all over their last album New Roman Times and has played with them live on occasion. The Monks themselves released a new album of covers Whats, Good For The Kicks last year and when he gets time off from touring with the Crows they also play live. Beside his multitude of session work down the years Immergluck has also played on many of the great albums by Victor Krummenacher (CVB/Monks). Below, for your listening pleasure, is a short history of all things Immergluck .

Mick the D

1. The Ophelias- Plaster Of Paris
2. The Ophelias- Whirling Dervish
3. The Ophelias- Strange New Glasses
4. The Ophelias-I Dig Your Mind
5. The Monks Of Doom-The Insect God
6. Jonathan Segal -Nancy Experiences The Pulse
7. Jonathan Segal-Love The Witch
8. Camper Van Beethoven-Eye Of Fatima -Live
9. Camper Van Beethoven-She Divines Water-Live
10. Camper Van Betthoven-O Death -Live
11. Camper Van Beethoven-Lincoln Shrine-Live
12. Camper Van Beethoven-Processional -Live
13. Monks Of Doom -Spanish Castle Magic
14. Monks Of Doom -Riverbed-Live
15. Monks Of Doom-Going South-Live
16. Monks Of Doom-Oh Well-Live
17. Victor Krummenacher -Not Coming Back
18. Monks Of Doom -Calvary Cross
19. Monks Of Doom -Calvary
20. David Immergluck-Black Dog

Zip File Part One

Zip file Part Two.

Bonus Track: Pictures of Matchstick Men (Status Quo cover)-Camper Van Beethoven

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