Acoustic YYYs

1. You can still win an Adult Swim bag o’ treats by clicking here and answering the question. The bag has a CD, key ring, T-Shirt, koozie, stickers, and a bunch of other stuff. Plus, it’s free. Who loves ya baby.

2. If you vote in e music’s best of ’06 survey (about 8 questions) you can get 40 free MP3s. If you write in my blog as the best blog, you get bonus karma.

3. And without further ado–

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Acoustic, October 2006.

Hyperballad (Bjork cover)-Yeah Yeah Yeahs (acoustic)

Our Time-YYYs (acoustic)

Gold Lion-Yeahx2+Yeahs (acoustic)

Turn Into-3Ys (acoustic)

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