Here’s the thing about Homeboy Sandman: He’s conscious, he’s smart, he’s funny. He’s got good flow. He’s been at the game for a long time. And finally, there’s always several songs off each of his albums that rise to the level of great.

No, HS won’t be in your top 5. But only five people can be top 5. And if you’ve never heard him, this is a good place to start…Because it’s free!

On this album, Sand talks a lot about the true value and meaning of money–and the true value and meaning of love and God. His work has been constantly evolving in this direction, and there are some big steps here.

Key tracks include Bus (a rhyme), which anyone who rode NYC mass transit in the late ’80s will enjoy. I know I did. I also loved Boy Sand is Free, which is basically the point of this giveaway: Music should not cost money, and charging for art traps the artist. Flat Pockets has a similar message, and it’s catchy as fuck.

The link for the mixtape is below. And Sand is on tour. Catch him in Maryland and you just might see me there.

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