“You value your team?  You paying them right?  You gonna need them when they handed their Miranda rights…”

Benny the Butcher–one of the three main Griselda powerhouses–gets back to his roots: A sequel to the Tana Talk series that made him famous as a grimey underground voice of true crime rap.

Is the fourth installment as good as the legendary third one? Maybe. Well, probably no. But it’s close. And that’s saying something. Tana Talk 3 was, simply put, pure genius. Talk 4 is lesser only because it covers the same ground. Benny has been here before. But he’s so damn awesome at it, that you can’t blame him for giving the people exactly what they want from him.

Features include J Cole on the lead single, Johnny P’s Caddy, Boldy James on Weekends In The Perry’s, and Diddy himself on 10 More Commandments–itself a brilliant sequel to the Biggie Smalls classic. Yeah, it takes balls to follow Notorious B.I.G., and Benny has the cajones for the challenge.

This is an excellent mixtape. I go back and forth on whether Conway or Benny are the strongest voices of the Griselda Three. Today, I’m liking Benny the most. Especially since he confronts this exact issue, with Conway himself, on “Tyson vs Ali:”

Everybody wanna know who would be better, Tyson or Ali?
They compare the greatest to the greatest like Boston vs. Lakers.
Question, do your legacy rest depending on where you rank among the current and the late?

If so, I feel like I’m straight

But rappin’ and sellin’ weight, I just had them genetic traits.
Do people really care? Do they just wanna hear the music?
So confusing, you all compare two [guys] from the same movement only for your amusement.

It’s funny for me, you all do it (that shit is funny to me)
Truth is, while I’m killing this shit, Conway be somewhere rooting for me…

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