Coriky is the band and the album. And you’re forgiven if you think it sounds like Fugazi. Because it does.

Ian MacKaye, punk groundbreaker and cofounder of Minor Threat, and his wife Amy Farina, joined forces with Fugazi bassplayer Joe Lally to create an album that is easily as good as any that these highly pedigreed punk pioneers have ever created.

Just like when they worked together on The Evens, Farina’s soft, clean vocals provide a counterpoint for MacKaye’s screams, wails and moans. The lyrics, as always, reflect elevated consciousness and vicious condemnation of the people with the power–on Inauguration Day, they warn POTUS Trump: “There’s some people here to see you/I don’t think they agree with you.” And for the nanny state left, they sing for the children taken from their parents on “Too Many Husbands”: “Too many husbands
In and out the door/Too many stores/Kid lost/Needy, needy, needy, needy needs…So on, and now you wanna take our son.”

This album never stops giving on repeated listens.

I offer my highest recommendation.
Runner Up: Spit by Runaway Nuns. A very well done collection of punk songs. Straightforward, hard-hitting, fun.

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