You’ll come for the cover of Wicked Game. Chris Isaak’s chilling ballad is one of the most covered songs I know of, but most of the other versions pale in comparison to the original. Husband and wife team Cody and Desi put a strong stamp, though–they truly make the song their own, pulling out the menace and replacing it with a sense of longing and heartbreak.

Like I said, you’ll come for the cover. But make sure you stay for the entire album. It breathes full and deep with power and passion. Written after both members of the couple each lost their father to alcoholism, the heartbreak is in there–but so is the hope that stays behind with the living on the best track on the album, Elija’s Song.

I don’t have a single negative thing to say about this record, and I’m betting you won’t either. Every song is worth hearing, all meat, no filler.

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