Priest, up-and-coming electronic darlings, have an EP. I like it.

Let’s talk about it.

“New King” is the slowest track on the EP, and honestly I waited for it to get to the point. Very strange choice for a lead cut–particularly when the other songs on this release are really strong.

The second track is also on the slow groove side, but the lyrics are strong and Madeline Camille Priest’s voice is in full effect. The music jumps in and swells at all the right places. Masterfully produced.

Which brings us to White Wing Dove. This was a minor hit of 2017, one of my favorite songs of the year. The entire EP is worth getting just for this song. Hell, an entire album would be worth getting for it if anyone bought albums anymore.

“Our Time Will Come” is the closer. Four songs. Ending way too song.

For all you subscribers, here’s the Spotify link.

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