Ty Segall, whose self-titled 2017 album is getting picked by many as one of the best of the year, produces and drums on the new album from The Cairo Gang. The album features their signature, jangle-laden pop (think The Byrds, but heavier), and vague lyrics. They sound just as tight today as they did last time around.

I do wish there was a little more variety here. In all, it’s a very strong collection of songs, but when In the Heart of Her Heart comes on, with it’s fast fuzzy riff and screamed chorus, you realize that the album’s earlier songs have somewhat blended together. That’s not necessarily a bad thing–many bands go for an overall sound–it’s just that when they kick into high gear you really, really notice it. But maybe that’s their intent? Oh, and listen closely to “That’s When It’s Over.” If they’re not riffing off Lou Reed’s Sweet Jane, I’m crazy.

There’s already one classic rock album on my best of the end of the year list, and it’s by War on Drugs. It will take me a few listens to be sure, but I think this may also make it.

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