2017 must be the year of Larry June. In February, Warner Bros signed him based in part on his darn-good second mixtape “Larry Two,” and now we get a new mixtape that’s also dope.

June is from the Biggety Bay Area, and it shows. He’s got that laid back, NoCal sound–reminiscent of so many great 1990s rappers that came out with jams that felt a little bit like West Coast Gangsta, they had street stories but also¬†eschewed constant violence and gun pops for sex rhymes and flossin’. Like on a song where he thanks a guy for jacking his car because it gave him time, stranded with no vehicle, to discover himself.

Yeah, there’s a couple places where it drags–it just feels TOO familiar to be innovative, or too slow to keep you into it–but mostly, overall, this is an excellent release.

Find it here. or here.

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